Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Hybrid Wallet

More Together, The Bigger

CoinUs Wallet Network

Human-to-Blockchain Interface

Easy, fast and secure anytime,

CoinUs is a integrated business platform with focus on
individual's value and experience to provide
Human-to-Blockchain Interface

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Single backup enable wallet management and skip separate multiple coin backup processes

CoinUs Wallet is optimized for user convenience and security

• A “multi-wallet" system manages various cryptocurrencies with one wallet
Manage multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ERC20, Ethereum, Litecoin, Quantum, and etc. with single CoinUs wallet app
• Different multi-currency private keys into one mnemonic, QR code private key
Conveniently manage and recover backup data with a mnemonic or QR code (private key) under HD wallet system
• Additional functions for cryptocurrency users
Automatic search for ERC20-based tokens, two-factor authentication for security enhancement, real-time pricing of cryptocurrencies at various exchanges around the world
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Technology based on OTP device in financial services industry

Hybrid method CoinUs Keeper

You can now safely protect your assets from lost smartphone or wallet theft

  • • New security system that provides mobility, convenience and security
  • • CoinUs Keeper provides additional security on par with hardware wallet
  • • Usage of 3.5⏀ earphone/audio jack for mobile docking increases versatility
  • • User can select individual security level: software only or software + CoinUs Keeper
  • *Check out our video tutorial Shortcut


Sept Launch

1. CNUS Token Usages
- Staking to Create CoinVerse Community
- Payment for Services within CoinVerse Community Market
- Payment for Marketing Fees within CoinVerse Community
2. CNUS Token Distribution
- Will issue 2.0 billion CNUS tokens to be distributed as follows
  • CoinUs Network Reward & Marketing
  • Keeper Bonus & Airdrop
  • Team
  • Founders
  • Investors
  • Company Reserves & Advisors

Out of the total 2.0 bn tokens, 1.0 bn will be used for network contribution reward and marketing.

  • Sean Oh

    Founder & CEO
    Merrill Lynch / Goldman Sachs
  • Jay Lee

    Founder & CEO
    Blockchain Investor
  • Hoick Lee

    Samsung Electronics /
    SK Communications
  • Hyosun Yeom

    CJ Games / M Game
  • Andrew Kim

    Business Strategy Lead
    IMM Investment /
    Indiana Univ.
  • Jimin Chang

    Tech Lead
    Samsung Electronics /
    Carnegie Mellon Univ.
  • Myeongsik Kang

  • Kwangtae Kim

    M Game / nWay
  • Jax Kim

    QA Lead
    Inplay Interactive
  • Sangkyu Kim

  • Seunghee Jea

    Management Lead
    Deloitte / Asahi Kasei
  • Kyeongseo Choi

  • Carrie Wang

    UI/UX Lead
    CJ Internet / CJ Hello
  • Hyeokjong Lee


Blockchain Tech Specialist

Jun Yeong Jang:
SK Communications

Business Strategy

Esther Meng: